Monday, November 8, 2010

Some Pictures To Drool Over...Yum!

Some new creations added to Becky's Rose Cottage....

I cannot believe the Holidays are just around the corner!!!

I have tried to push myself to get ready for the Holidays..they seem to sneak up on me every does that happen. I have added some lovely new Holiday ornaments to my website..take a peek and tell me what you think of them. I am hoping today to do some jewelry work! I also want to start a lace and vintage linen project but will let you in on that one in the future...I want it to be a will be for me, too.  The weather is turning to very chilly on the windshield in the morning. Time to bundle up in my workshop and get to creating. I have been checking out other sites and they are all ready for do they do that so quickly. I am still developing ideas for what I want to do... I use winter for my reflection time and redirection if that is what strikes me. Well, it is time to start working on my new creations.... I know it will be a learning experience no matter how it turns out...that is the great thing about creating...there is no wrong way only new lessons to be learned. I will be talking with you all soon..have a wonderful day of creating! Hugs, Becky