Saturday, November 19, 2011

Have Not Been Posting Life Has Been Too Busy

So sorry I have not been updating my blog...wanted to do a giveaway, wanted to get some more creations done...had shoulder surgery instead and found out the recovery time was not a few weeks as I was told before is 6 to 9 months...lovely surprise...I am much better but it is crazy some days I am having such horrible pain cannot do much of anything...did start my Hospice Volunteering finally..that has been going fantastic...I simply love it, really believe that God directed this entire move into this field and I am so thankful to my God for doing is very satisfying...I highly recommend it to all who feel the need to give back in this world...hopefully I will be making some new items soon...I have ordered lots of jewelry supplies and am coming up with ideas that will create a line of jewelry that I hope you will fall in love with. Hope you all have a wonderful and peaceful Thanksgiving Day with all those you love...don't forget to thank every soldier you see and hug them, if they do not mind...until next time.....Hugs, Becky