Wednesday, December 8, 2010

First Time In Romantic Homes

I received my January issue of Romantic Homes today and could not wait to see how my Vintage Memory Heart looked amoung those beautiful pages. I turned each page carefully searching for my "Heart" and there it was on page exciting, to see something I created in a magazine that I have loved and collected for years. My 11 yr old grandaughter had just stopped in after school when the magazine arrived. She was very happy to see that her Mommom's heart was published in print! I felt like a proud Momma just reading the article and looking at the pictures. I guess I just did not realize how much it would mean to be in Romantic Homes. I want to thank Jacqueline deMontravel for giving me such a wonderful opportunity. It surely made my day in every way possible. I think this issue will be placed in my nightstand after I make sure everyone in the family has seen it. It is very inspirational to see something you created in a magazine that you know so many people love to browse through each and every month of the year. I can only hope this will be the first of many such chances. Thank you, Justine Lopez who walked me through the process. I was nervous about my first time and she guided me step by step, making it a pleasure to do. I am very honored to have joined the ranks of those published in one of my most favorite magazines..Romantic Homes.

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  1. Congratulations my FB new friend! That's huge...Ciao Rita mammabellarte