Saturday, December 4, 2010

My Favorite Christmas Ornament

One year my Mother-in-law made a special ornament for all her grown children...until this ornament comes out the season does not start for me. She crocheted little sleds and on them she sat our children in their birth order as tiny little bears...brown bears were our sons and pink bears were our daughters. I will never forget when she handed me that ornament with the four little bears on a red sled...there sat two brown bears,a pink bear and one more brown bear. My children: Donovan, Stashul, Bree and Nicholas. I was so touched that she made the ornaments so personal for all of us. This is a woman who gave birth to 11 children herself but always thought of others. I have many, many of her crocheted ornaments; snowflakes, angels and even a skiing snowman who after making she said,  was so hard she threw out the pattern...but my favorite will always be my little children on the red warms me to my core every year when I see it. My very special Mother-In-Law has since passed away but has left me with the most endearing memories any daughter-in-law could ask win or not..I am glad I am able to share what a wonderful woman she was with all my facebook friends. Thanks, Becky

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