Friday, December 10, 2010

Still Reeling From Being In Romantic Homes But Coming Back Down Slowly

I am still very happy about being in Romantic Homes January issue but am slowly returning to Earth. I have started cleaning the house, room by room two days ago. Today is the kitchen..biggest job of all...cannot bake Christmas cookies all next week if the kitchen is not up to par. I have taken down all my vintage cake pedestals and crystal bowls from the tops of my cabinets. Some are in the dishwasher and the rest washed by hand. I cannot believe how good it feels to get this done. I just turned on the self-cleaning at least one of the ovens will be clean as I bake next week. I still have yet to make up my cookie list. I am going to try and keep it to about 6 different kinds although I have receipes for many more than that. Of course, with 4 grown children, they all have different favorites...and the grandchildren have their favorites, too. I have the grandchildren over for sugar cookie decorating. I put aside about 4 dozen cookies for them to icing and sprinkle little goodies on them..The younger the grandchild the less icing and sprinkles that make it to the cookie..very funny to watch. This year hopefully all 8 can come over and play decorate the cookies. I am going to make some white gingerbread girls and boys for them to do using my sugar cookie receipt this year, something new..It is hard to pick every year what to make. I will have to figure it out...I think this is the year to pass on some favorite receipes to the grown children to make. I like when they take over a tradition. Christms eve was always at our home when the children were little. We would have relatives come over after midnight church was a wonderful time. Love, laughter and food everywhere. Now one of my sons, Stashul and his wonderful wife, Susan have taken on this tradition with a Christmas Eve party at their home each year. I loved hosting this event but as we get older it really is special to see your children want to do it also. We usually do New Year's Eve at my oldest son's home, Donovan and his wonderful wife, Christie host that..always a good time being with family!

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